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Off Road Tire Inflator | Hose Kit | 4 Way Tire Inflator System

Off Road Tire Inflator | Hose Kit | 4 Way Tire Inflator System

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SAVE TIME! Don't spend 20+ minutes to deflate and inflate your off-road tires individually. Our hose kit deflates and inflates 4 tires at the same time, to save you time. 

This kit is used to raise and lower tire pressure for off road. Lower tire pressure increases your contact patch with the ground, giving you more traction, and will provide a better ride over smaller rocks and bumps on the trail. Our customers typically save more than 10 minutes when inflating 33" tires - and even more with larger tire sizes. 

Fully-assembled kit contains:
- 1/4" air hose (color may depend on availability)
- 4 closed flow air chucks
- pressure gauge
- shutoff valve
- storage bag available (select during checkout)

Fits vehicles up to 145" wheelbase, including:
Ford Bronco
Jeep Wrangler
Polaris RZR
Toyota 4Runner
and Others!

Storage Bag
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Customer Reviews

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Tim Stubbe
American Made Quality at a reasonable price.

I purchased this 4 tire inflator/deflator and am very please. The Quality of this product is superior to those Chinese made products of the same type. The Customer Service was also exceptional. A great buy, for a reasonable price. Plus It's made in AMERICA...